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Editing // Motion Graphics // VFX

The post production team is led by Lewis Gourlay. Lewis has a reputation both as respected and creative editor, and a talented motion graphic artist, enabling him to work in each separate discipline or, as is increasingly required, in both simultaneously. 


Lewis's career started at the tender age of 8 with a series of illustrations that appeared in the Hartbeat gallery and were described by none other than Tony Hart as "quite marvellous". Lewis started creating animations on his Commodore Amiga at 11 and never looked back. A graduate of Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, where he gravitated towards the use of video in fine art practice. He learnt his trade as an editor at Digital Facilities Ltd in Edinburgh and moved into motion graphics work.  Still winning awards nearly twenty years after the start of his career, Lewis now describes himself as a motion graphic artist and creative editor and director.

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